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Highlights of the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo
   2023-11-14 09:25   

The second Global Digital Trade Expo(GDTE) will be held in Hangzhou International Expo Center on Nov 23 to 27 in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province. 

Covering 100,000 square meters of exhibition area, the expo has one comprehensive pavilion, two special pavilions and four digital industry pavilions. The comprehensive pavilion focuses on the exhibition of guest countries, international organizations, guest provinces and cities, Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Zhejiang Pavilion. 

The two special pavilions feature the Frontier Trend Pavilion and the Silk Road E-commerce Pavilion, showcasing the most cutting-edge exploration, model innovation, reform results and global pioneer products of digital trade. The four digital industry pavilions are digital technology pavilion, digital service pavilion, digital content pavilion and digital intelligence travel pavilion. Internationally renowned top companies, international professional visitors and merchants will be invited. 

A series of activities such as forums, industry matchmaking conferences and professional seminars will be held, bringing together domestic and foreign celebrities, relevant national ministries and commissions, international companies and institutions and top companies to explore new standards, new ecology, new technology, new products of global digital trade, discuss hot topics such as advanced economic and trade rules, cross-border data flow, digital copyright, cross-border payments, and digital security governance, and share new markets, new cooperation and new opportunities for the development of global digital trade.

The GDTE is China's only national-level international professional exhibition with the theme of digital trade. It acts as an important window for comprehensively displaying new technologies, new products and new ecology of global digital trade, an exchange platform for discussing new standards, new issues and new trends of international digital trade and an open platform for jointly building and sharing new markets, new opportunities and new development of economic and trade cooperation in the new era. 

The 1st GDTE was held in Hangzhou from Dec 11 to 14, 2022, with Ireland (known as the Silicon Valley of Europe) as the guest of honor. The attendees online and offline came from seven international organizations, 53 countries and regions, 32 distinguished guests of Embassies in China and Consulates General in Shanghai. The guest provinces (cities) of honor were Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan. Visitors from 11 provincial and municipal delegations and more than 800 major enterprises engaged in digital trade. A total of 315 products of 286 enterprises made their debut, and 89 projects from the world's top 500, industry leaders and unicorn enterprises were signed, achieving trade investment of nearly 150 billion yuan ($20.56 billion). During the 1st GDTE, 26 high-level forums including the National Digital Service Export Base Summit Forum and Digital Cultural Trade Summit Forum were organized, and a series of significant research results were released, which has become a major benchmark for global digital trade.

Source: Tide News Author: Xu Zhitian Editor: Ye Lijiao
Covering 100,000 square meters of exhibition area, the expo has one comprehensive pavilion, two special pavilions and four digital industry pavilions.