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More countries collaborate with China on digital economic development
   2023-09-07 14:30   

At the regular press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China on September 7, the ministry spokesperson He Yadong stated that China is significantly advancing its digital trade sector, resulting in a steady expansion of the international network related to the digital economy.

In 2022, the import and export value of services that could be digitally delivered in China reached $372.7 billion, marking an annual growth rate of 3.4% and positioning China fifth globally. This accomplishment is undoubtedly attributable to China's robust development efforts in digital trade.

He Yadong explained that the Ministry of Commerce is employing a comprehensive approach to stimulate digital development in the business sector. To date, China has established 170 national e-commerce demonstration bases, forged bilateral e-commerce cooperation mechanisms with 29 countries, and sealed memorandums of understanding regarding digital economy investments with 18 countries. A growing number of digital enterprises are venturing onto the global stage. Of the 21 free trade agreements China has entered into, ten feature specific provisions concerning e-commerce or the digital economy. This progression underscores the continuous expansion of China's digital economy network on an international scale.

He Yadong disclosed that the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo is set to take place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, from November 23 to 27. The event will consist of four major sections: conferences, exhibitions, platforms, and activities. It will showcase one comprehensive pavilion, two specialty pavilions focusing on cutting-edge trends and Silk Road e-commerce, alongside four digital industry pavilions dedicated to digital technology, digital services, digital content, and intelligent digital travel.

He Yadong stated, "The Global Digital Trade Expo, being the only national, international, and specialized exhibition in China that primarily focuses on digital trade, aims to drive reform, innovation, and development within this sphere. This expo represents our commitment to contributing intellect and effort to worldwide digital trade growth."

Source: Global Digital Trade Expo Editor: Ye Lijiao