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The First Global Digital Trade Expo rounds off
   2022-12-15 15:53   


The First Global Digital Trade Expo (GDTE) rounded off in Hangzhou yesterday. GDTE successfully exerted its function as the platform for “attracting merchants through the expo” and attracted over 800 domestic and overseas leading enterprises to participate in the expo. A total of 89 projects were contracted by top 500 companies, leading enterprises and unicorn firms inside and outside the expo with a total investment of up to 110 billion yuan. 

As the host city of the expo, Hangzhou takes advantage of the expo to promote investment and has sorted out 130 targeted investment promotion projects with a total investment of about 50 billion yuan. Next, Hangzhou will exert the combined functions of GDTE + FTZ to expand the opening platforms, build one-hundred-billion-yuan industry and strive to create the world-class cross-border e-commerce demonstration center and a digital free trade zone with distinctive features. 

Source: Global Digital Trade Expo Editor: Ye Lijiao