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Multiple Hangzhou-based enterprises won DT awards at GDTE
   2022-12-14 16:20   


The Digital Trade Awards(DT Awards) Awarding Ceremony of the First Global Digital Trade Expo (GDTE) was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center on December 13. A total of 42 prizes were awarded to different enterprises.  




The award meant to serve as the bellwether of the digital trade industry. Besides the gold prize which was vacant due to impact of COVID-19, there were six silver prizes, fourteen bronze prizes and twenty-two nominee prizes offered. The winners included domestic & overseas leading enterprises and institutions, such as Tesla, Amazon and JD. Hangzhou-based enterprises, like Hikvision and Zhijiang Lab, also won awards.  




Tianquan post-quantum cryptography platform researched and developed by Hangzhou PQCTECH Co., Ltd. won the silver prize. Hangzhou Worldview Technology Co., Ltd., HangzhouDAS-SecurityCo., Ltd.,and Hangzhou Rokid Technology Co., Ltd. won bronze prizes. 


The awarding ceremony indicated that Hangzhou enterprises owned international advanced technology in sci-tech field. It also provided the platform for cooperation with other prestigious enterprises. 

Source: Global Digital Trade Expo Editor: Ye Lijiao