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Zhejiang Digital Trade Main Forum of 1st GDTE makes debut in Hangzhou
   2022-12-15 15:19   


Zhejiang Digital Trade Main Forum of the First Global Digital Trade Expo was launched on the morning of December 12. The forum would discuss the hot issues of global digital trade, focus on building the international cooperation & exchange platform that leads the development of global digital trade, and promote the remodeling of digital trade rules, values and advantages. 

The event involves guest speech, signing ceremony, release of achievements, and keynote speech. About 380 people including the representatives of international organizations, and the experts and scholars from the national ministries and commissions, embassies and consulates in China, brother provinces and cities, relevant units in Zhejiang, municipal people’s governments in Zhejiang, and multinational enterprises, participated in the conference.


Ann Derwin, ambassador of Ireland to China


Paula Ingabire, Minister of information & communication technology and innovation of the Republic of Rwanda


Samir Hamrouni, CEO of World FZO


Lacina Koné, Director general of Smart Africa


Pan Sorasak, Minister of commerce of Cambodia

Major Project Signing Ceremony


At the Major Project Signing Ceremony for Digital Economy and Digital Trade held on the site, 24 projects were signed with a total investment of 49.3 billion yuan.

Release of Achievements








During the forum, the Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services of the Ministry of Commerce issued China Digital Trade Development Report (2021), Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government held theplaque-unveiling ceremony of Hangzhou International Digital Trade Center, Alibaba Group released the digital trade achievements for cooperation betweeneWTP and Cambodia for the first time, Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Market Supervision announced the major phased achievements for construction of “Global QR Code Migration Plan” Demonstration Area, Forbes China published the results of“Evaluation of the Top 100 Enterprises of the Global Digital Trade Industry 2022”, CCID Consulting presented List of the Top 100 Digital Trade Enterprises 2022, and Zhejiang Academy of Commerce rolled out International Economic & Trade Rules and Zhejiang Opening-up Blue Book (2022).

Keynote Speech








At the conference, Jiang Xiaojuan as a member of the NPC Standing Committee, and Yu Xiaohui as the president of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, respectively gave the speeches for new rules and visions in the era of global trade. Tao Xuefei as the vice president of Alibaba Group, Zhang Lijun as the vice president of Tencent and the general manager of East China Headquarters, Feng Quanpu as the vice president of JD Group, Peng Jiaqi as the vice president of Amazon China and the person in charge of the products and markets in Asian-Pacific Region of Amazon Global Stores, and Zhou Xinhong as the vice president of HP China, respectively delivered the speeches for global development exploration and practice of digital economy.


Source: Global digital trade expo Editor: Ye Lijiao