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The contract amount of major projects exceeds 100 billion yuan during the First Global Digital Trade Expo
   2022-12-13 16:00   


On the morning of December 12, the major project signing ceremony was held during Zhejiang Digital Trade Main Forum of the First Global Digital Trade Expo (GDTE). It was estimated that, during GDTE, nearly 90 projects were signed inside and outside the province, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan. At the ceremony, 24 projects were signed, with the contract amount of 49.3 billion yuan.

The signed projects are designed for digital economy, new energy, life health, and other key industries of Zhejiang, and most are the strong demonstrative and pioneering projects invested by industrial leading enterprises, top 500 companies and unicorn firms. The cooperation forms are diverse, including strategic cooperation, investment agreement, bulk trade, cross-border e-commerce, etc., so as to empower the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. 

These projects will play an important role in improving the industrial energy level and core competitiveness of Zhejiang, promoting Zhejiang’s in-depth implementation of “No. 1 Project” (Version: 2.0) for digital economy, and boosting the construction of “two leading areas” in Zhejiang.

Source: Global Digital Trade Expo Editor: Ye Lijiao