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Ireland Digital Trade Theme Pavilion makes its debut at the First Global Digital Trade Expo
   2022-12-14 10:11   

The First Global Digital Trade Expo kicked off in Hangzhou on December 11. Reputed as “Silicon Valley of Europe”, Ireland was invited as the guest of honor to participate in the event.

Ireland Digital Trade Theme Pavilion


Irish Embassy in China and four Irish State Agencies (including Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, Tourism Ireland and Bord Bia) jointly held Ireland Digital Trade Theme Pavilion to introduce the national image and digital strength of Ireland from digital technology, digital trade, digital consumption, digital travel, investment destination, unique cultural experience and other dimensions in an all-round way.


/Introduction of Ireland Pavilion/

Section for Digital Tech

Ireland is an island of innovation, gathers about 1,000 technology companies, and provides smart and high-efficiency products for global famous enterprises. Among them, three client enterprises of Ireland Bureau of Trade and Technology appeared in the Digital Technology Exhibition Area.



Keywords Studios, the largest international service provider in the global games industry



Lahoma, an Irish enterprise specialized in providing various 3D technical solutions for furniture retailers



Alltech, a high-tech agricultural company engaged in production of yeast additives, organic trace elements, feed raw materials, premixes and feed

Section for Investment attractions


Ireland has been at the forefront of digital ecosystem development. Sixteen software companies in the global top 20 enterprises, as well as the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies, have set up the branches in Ireland. Excellent high-tech, research & development and innovation capacity has attracted a great number of foreign-owned enterprises, including the industrial leading high-tech enterprises of China, such as Huawei, Byte Dance, and WuXi Biologics. Ireland Investment Development Bureau has established the investment appeal exhibition area, and used the picture and text to elaborate policies, business environment, talents, industrial clusters, research & development and innovation strength, and other key factors for investment promotion.

Section for Tourism attractions


Section for Cultural Experience


Ireland is famous for its ancient and unique culture in the world. The works of literary masters like George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde are well sold around the world. Irish folk music and dance appear on the world’s top stage. The beautiful natural scenery attracts international filmmakers. The cultural experience exhibition area hosted by the Cultural Office of Irish Embassy in China shows the culture with the most natural features of Ireland, and the participants can catch a glimpse.

Source: Global Digital Trade Expo Editor: Ye Lijiao