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Digital Trade Empowers Common Prosperity Forum was held
   2022-02-24 09:29   

Digital Trade Empowers Common Prosperity Forum, the first activity of Zhejiang Digital Trade Forum of the First Global Digital Trade Expo was held in Hangzhou recently. 34 projects, including “Livestreaming Makes Life Better in Rural Kecheng”, were selected as pilot projects for common prosperity in the business field of Zhejiang.

According to the new digital life service index (2021) released yesterday, the index of Zhejiang has grown by 66.5% from the end of 2019. The overall development of Zhejiang ranks first among all provinces and autonomous regions, and Hangzhou ranks first among 335 cities in China.

Source: City Express Author: LIU Yongli (Reporter) ZHONG Huanhuan (Correspondent)  Editor: Wang Jian