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The Promotion Meeting of the First Global Digital Trade Expo Held in Hangzhou
   2021-10-22 22:05   

On the morning of October 22, the promotion meeting of the first Global Digital Trade Expo was held in Hangzhou. Hu Wei, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou, attended and addressed the meeting. It was moderated by Lao Xinxiang, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, and heads of departments directly under the city government, districts and counties (cities) and relevant departments were present.

At the meeting, the Timetable for the Promotion Meeting of the First Global Digital Trade Expo was issued, and Sun Biqing, head of Hangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau reported the preparation progress.

Hu Wei, Vice Mayor highly appreciated all the preliminary work, pointing out that each municipal department must shoulder their responsibilities in accordance with the timetable and fully advance the preparatory work during the sprint stage of the digital expo, regardless of obstacles. First and foremost, we must improve our ideological awareness again and effectively align our thoughts and actions with the municipal government's arrangement requirements, so as to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. Second, overall synergy needs to be elevated again, not only to give full play to the role of each district (city) or county, but also to thoroughly reflect the role of each department. Third, relevant programs must be refined, with 45 programs to be further deepened and polished, and programs for security, epidemic prevention, reception and other matters to be formulated, perfected and deployed. Fourth, investment and exhibition promotion must be re-enforced, thus mobilizing and organizing high-quality enterprises to involve, sort out and display the results of digital reform, and come up with the most cutting-edge ideas, the most advanced technology, the most eye-catching products. Fifth, research based on the results achieved should be deepened, striving to publish and display a series of results of vital significance at the first Digital Trade Expo, thus providing the world with "China's program" for digital trade development.

Source:  Editor: CHEN Junnan